COVID-19 and our dedication to your safety

Dear Guests,

At the South Pier Inn, it is our goal to consistently provide our guests with the cleanest, safest and most comfortable accommodations available. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, that commitment has remained unwavering. Here are just some of things we have done to provide a safe experience for our guests:

  • Established social distancing parameters throughout the property to help prevent the spread of the disease.
  • Updated our continental breakfast to minimize contact.
  • Deployed personal protective equipment for our staff to use whenever they are in contact with guests or coworkers, and when socially distancing may be impossible.
  • Developed enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols, with new equipment, cleaning materials and standards for our staff to following throughout common areas of the property and in our guestrooms.
  • Updated policies to minimize contact, improve cleaning, and still ensure the best possible experience for our guests.

We ask that our guests also do their part to help mitigate the spread of this disease. Here are some things you can do to help:

  • Wash your hands frequently, including after using the restroom, sneezing, covering a cough or using a tissue.
  • Maintain social distance whenever possible.
  • If you have not been vaccinated, please wear a mask in public settings. All guests are strongly encouraged to wear a mask in public areas of the hotel.

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, please do not travel. While we maintain a 48-hour cancelation policy for most reservations, if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or suspect you may have contracted the disease, please contact us to cancel your reservation without penalty. Stay home, get well, and prevent the spread of the disease.

We thank you for the trust you have placed in us, and we look forward to providing you a welcoming, memorable vacation.


South Pier Inn Management